Synthia L. Hardy


Synthia is an award winning actress/singer/dancer/writer who has appeared on film, T.V., commercials (both radio and T.V.) and on stages, nationally and internationally.  She  received the NAACP Theatre Award for Best One Person Show for the show she wrote and performed in, "BILLIE! BACKSTAGE WITH LADY DAY", about the legendary  Billie Holiday.  For the same show, Synthia, also, received two Artistic Director's Achievement Awards (ADA) for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy and Best One Person Show.  Synthia received an Emmy Award for the PBS documentary, "Precious Memories: Strolling 47th Street".  She has received various other awards for her talents.  Synthia has written and performs her own cabaret show, "Dinner Musicale with Synthia & Friends".  She's toured performing in Motown and Oldies Tributes.

Performing as Billie Holiday is such a joy for Synthia.  The familiar and unfamiliar stories told that are shared in this show makes one sing, fall in love, laugh, cry, get angry and feel the pain of Billiie Holiday.

Synthia is so blessed to be doing what she loves in the entertainment field.   It allows her to travel, meet interesting new people and touch people's hearts.

Billie! Backstage With Lady Day - Central Ave. Jazz Festival

This musically haunting, sad, happy, unpredictable journey of jazz/blues singer, Billie Holiday takes you on a winding road of love, joy, blues, racism, and astounding hit songs that tell the story of a life hard fought.  The road takes you to places and people in Billie's life that provided both pain and  pleasure, excitement and disappointments.  Her turbulent life has been able to bring a new level of emotion and respect to music and inspiration to musicians and vocalists all over the world.

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SYNTHIA Acting Reusme - 2015 (docx)



Synthia L. Hardy

  •  Hardy did her homework thoroughly and got the legend of blues down to a science. Her brusque mannerisms, her rough language and the famous double gardenia worn on her right side of her hair were all brought to life. It was hard to distinguish where Hardy started and Holiday finished. Hardy was tough when necessary but also endearing and vulnerable when it comes to her family, her marriages and the times she recalls being in jail for whatever charges the police could come up with. Lord, Holiday’s life was a hot mess. But her strength, through Hardy, is strong but dented but always on the move. Hardy portrayed Holiday with class, versatility and most importantly with heart and sympathy. Hardy’s voice was reminiscent Lady Day. Raspy, crying, hopeful, hopeless and still wails on expressing in song what she probably couldn’t convey in a conversation.

Synthia L. Hardy

  • Hardy, a dynamo, with a sparkling yet demure stage presence, in her own right, realistically conveys Holiday’s glamorous aura, merely a facade of a tortured soul. Lanny Hartley lends a crucial, supportive musical role as the Piano Man. 
  • Emmy Award-winning actress and singer, Synthia. L. Hardy as the most famous and bawdy jazz-blues singer in history is a simmering bundle of explosive dynamite! Holiday, known for a darkly sad life filled with racism, drugs, abuse and turbulence… It was a joy to get an in-depth look at the passion, love, friends and faith that also crossed her path. She was quite a gal! Synthia sensually does her costume changes onstage, and fabulously performs many of Billie’s trademark songs.

Synthia L. Hardy

  •  Lady Day (Hardy) offers her own raspy, spiritual rendition, recollecting her dying father’s mistreatment at a Jim Crow hospital: “Southern trees bear strange fruit, blood on leaves and blood on the root… in the southern breeze, strange fruit hangs from poplar trees.” 

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